• Client: DG Verlag - Deutsche Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken
  • Product: Business Clarity
  • Contact: Thomas Müller


The “Deutscher Genossenschaftsverlag” belongs to one of Germany’s largest banking group and the sheer size, and number of branches involved, presented a challenge. How to keep the service level in smaller bank branches with only one employee? This leads to expanding the selfservice operation by offering branch wide cash order services. Now a locker system inside the branche allows direct access for CIT and the customer.


For Business Clarity the software i-netCash was developed from scratch, and is now a unique tool that enables safety deposit box access to be managed centrally. Single person managed branches can now issue large volumes of cash for their customers.

Staff members in one man branches can now issue a cash order on behalf of the customer. And once approved by the bank, the cash is delivered to a safe compartment by the Cash In Transit company. Finally, the customer is sent a PIN to the compartment, alerting them that the cash us ready for pick up.

Safety deposit boxes have now been turned into intelligent deposit and withdrawal systems, and a dormant asset, effectively re-purposed.