• Client: Legoland Deutschland
  • Product: Cash Service Center– Enterprise
  • Contact: Bernd Gertsmann


Owned by the Merlin Entertainment Group, Legoland is one of the most popular family theme parks in Germany. Opening in Gunsberg in 2002, 1.35 million people walked through the turnstiles in its first year of operation. It has continued to expand ever since, continually adding more attractions, restaurants, retail and food outlets, along with an increasing number of accommodation options to include hotels, ‘castles’, cottages and camping. Staff numbers now swell to 500 in high season to cope with the visitor numbers.

As you can imagine the cash management situation is extremely complex, with two pain points in particular.

Daily float a logistical nightmare
With over 300 daily floats to be prepared, dispensed and managed across multiple locations from entrance POS to hotels, restaurants and cafes to gift shops, even the daily preparation was an incredibly time consuming task.

Float requirements are in a constant state of flux, requiring a large inventory of multiple denominations of notes and coins to be kept in the cash office. Multiple site visits by CIT were an additional logistical necessity.

Arduous reconciliation process
After a long day’s work, the end-of-day process began. When the inevitable complications such as balancing errors, cash shortages and over amounts added up, and then over time and extra staff were all taken into consideration, it started to look like a never ending task.

With different POS running in multiple locations within the park, real time balancing with the local ERP system was also complex mission.


Automated daily float
The daily float is no longer a daily headache. Fixed and dynamic floats can now be generated through Cash Service Centre™, and new user data is immediately exchanged between the ERP and CSC systems, providing a seamless continued experience. All POS data is instantly downloaded into the Cash Office Data Base, then compared with the Data from Cash Service Centre™, easily balancing the daily float activities. Float issuing, exchanges and end-of-shift cash handling processes have now been automated.

Reconciliation synchronised
Reconciliation is a much smoother operation now. The newly introduced Cash Service Centre™, and the Cash Office Data Base, are synchronised to enable an exchange of daily transactions, leading to an effortless daily forecasting of the cash vault, logistics and banking. Integrated and optimised real time cash & balancing process is now a reality.

In addition to the time consuming, and costly, issues of reconciliation and floats being addressed, Legoland have also benefited from the following:


Additional Benefits:

Enhanced staff experience

The new system is incredibly easy to use, especially compared to the process employees used to have to go through! End-of-day reconciliation is now automated, and there is visibility in real time, of the status of cash inventory. All of this adds to overall staff satisfaction levels, as does the fact that employees can now clock in and out without
a manager being present.

Greater business intelligence

POS & ERP platforms now have one system to help balance & reconcile. Managers have real time, actionable data on what’s going on at every point throughout the park. They can monitor, and address issues before they become a problem.

Improved security

Because the entire process is more closely audited now, if an error does arise, it’s a lot easier to track down the source. There’s also less margin for error, and less opportunity for loss.

Increased productivity and cost savings
All of the above, of course, significantly reduces the amount of time employees have to spend on administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on revenue generating activities. Cost savings, needless to say, are also a flow on effect of the increased efficiency of the system.