Cash In Motion is the most adaptable, intelligent cash management solution in the market and can be tailored specifically for any type of business, from POS to BackOffice - even as an Enterprise Solution.

Cash is expensive, b...

Cash is expensive, but it remains. Up to one percent of the turnover of a market is spent on cash processing and administration. Amongst other things, Cash In Motion™ reduces that cost.

Comprising the Cash Box, and Cash Service Centre products, Cash In Motion™ is so robust that it can run effectively on any hardware device, from any manufacturer.

Seamless cash management

Providing a seamless cash management solution by transforming physical cash into digital data, connecting your store system, and all debit & credit card devices. The result is less time spent on administration, and fewer mistakes made.

Integrated currency management

Serving as an integrated currency management platform by enabling all cash devices, payment, and ERP systems to connect and interface. Greater visibility, and increased insights are to be gained.

The Cash Box platform processes cash transactions in multiple forms at the Point of Sale, as a Back Office or a Self Service Solution. It also collects valuable store data, enabling the easy measurement of metrics such as Cash Analytics, Payment Reconciliation and Corporate Reporting.

Cash Service Centre is a powerful enterprise solution that connects multiple devices, in many locations. Date from Point of Sale payments and Back Office Cash Management can now be monitored, and managed from anywhere.

Cash Connector - Monitoring a range of actions performed by a single device, or a host of devices, reporting the activity back to the Cash Service Centre.


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