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Direct Services provides clarity on the complex processes within a business. Delivering increased efficiency, productivity and security, and providing insights to empower decisions.

Cash is expensive, but it remains. Up to one percent of the turnover of a market is spent on cash processing and administration. Amongst other things, Cash In MotionTM reduces that cost. It’s the most adaptable, intelligent cash management solution in the market and can be tailored specifically for any type of business, from POS to BackOffice - even as an Enterprise Solution.

Cash in Motion Products:

Our Business Clarity services allow you to see exactly what’s going on inside your business, whatever your business. We provide project management tools that enable transparency, expediency and accountability, and our experience in the banking and finance sectors have enabled us to develop a robust, and secure data management system that will help you save time, reduce risk and track sales.

Business Clarity Products:

Our professional services division can develop a solution specifically for your business, whether that’s a completely new product, or an integration of a number of disparate systems, we can help. We can also simply provide data hosting, server housing or security as required.

Software in Motion Products: