Clarity Delivered

Headquartered in Göppingen, Direct Services is a privately owned business that has been creating custom software and business solutions for companies all over the globe, for over 20 years.

Our goal is, and alw...

Our goal is, and always has been, to provide clarity on the complex processes within a business. Delivering increased efficiency, productivity and security, and providing insights to empower decisions. They way in which we do that, however, has evolved as the world has.

Seamless integration between physical and digital

Although the digital realm continues to expand, the physical world isn’t going anywhere, and while clarity remains our promise it’s increasingly delivered by integrating the two worlds, seamlessly.

The result of that is less time spent on tasks like reconciliation, for example, fewer mistakes with floats, access to real time customer behaviour across a range of stores, and a better picture of overall business activity. Or, to put it another way. Clarity Delivered.

Custom solutions, advice & support for all industries

Our solutions aren’t just off the shelf packages that don’t quite meet your requirements. They’re tailor made solutions that do exactly what you need them to. And they come with ongoing service, support, and advice, so we can continually adapt to meet your businesses challenges.

We have experience in a wide range of industries from financial institutions, retail, amusement and education, through to government, logistics, cash in transit & cash centres.

Whatever industry you’re in however, we can help conceive, build, implement, operate and then service a seriously powerful solution, just for you.

Our office & our people

Our headquarters is in Göppingen

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Although much of what we do is in the digital world, our most important asset is our people.

Our clients have direct access to all team members, at all times. It is called Direct Services after all, and for good reason.

Meet the team

Direct access & long term partnerships

What really makes us different, however, is that we’re in it for the long haul. We build long term relationships with our clients, and we’re always available should the need arise.

We’re agile, adaptable, and can often anticipate and resolve an issue, before it becomes a problem. And we do all of this, because it’s the right way to do business.

We care about what we do, and we like to work with people who feel the same.

Our Partners

We can better serve our customers by forging long term relationships not just with them, but also with a carefully selected group of partners.

Technology Partners

We only work with organisations that strictly comply with industry standards, ensuring scalability, and continued performance. Working in conjunction with sector specific partners on a project by project basis, has been an extremely effective approach over the years.

Technology partners include:


Glory is the largest cash handling solutions manufacturer in the world, and their cash recycling systems are also the most reliable. Our automatic POS solutions in the stationary trade, for example, only work as well as they do because they are partnered with Glory’s efficient processing of notes and coins.

Service Partners

Together with key service partners we’ve developed, and continue to operate the data centre infrastructure for our ASP software solutions, where safety standards are maintained by a process of continuous updates.

The technical, and organisational, requirements of outsourced IT in the financial services sector is particularly stringent, and we comply with the guidelines by adding a comprehensive support system to the safety conditions above.

Service partners include:


With highly available and secure solutions, as well as round-the-clock support, Continum ensures the smooth operation of our software solutions in one of the most modern data centres in Germany.

Solution Partners

We only partner with organisations that truly understand our services, and the difference we can make in our clients’ businesses.

Sales partners include:





Direct Services has worked for amazing clients over the past 20 years. Here are some of them.