• Client: Globus SB Warenhaus
  • Product: Cash Service Center™ Professional
  • Contact: Silke Schönecker


Globus is a German business that owns and operates a range of retail outlets from hyper markets to DIY stores, in the Czech Republic, Russia, Luxembourg and Germany.


Globus asked Direct Services to create a centralised software solution, bringing all of the elements together. This was done by tailoring, and launching the Cash Service Centre product into the environment, however we also introduced Glory’s ‘CI-10’ automated Point of Sale cash handling solution.

This went above and beyond the brief, by automating all the cash transactions, and bringing them into lien with the newly introduced Cash Service Center.


No more cash discrepancies exist, and all processes have now been unified into the one system. The introduction of automated cash handling devices also meant that an additional issue of hygiene, was completely eliminated.

Today GLOBUS is one of the biggest Direct Services customers, with over 200 CI-10 units installed across Germany, working cohesively with a centralised software solution.